Registered Charity 306227

William Frampton Foundation

The William Frampton Educational Foundation was established in 1687 and since then it has supported hundreds of young people to continue training or education beyond compulsory school age.

The funding can be used to provide equipment, books or help with general maintenance with awards up to £500.

William Frampton’s original purpose was “bestowed for binding and putting forth to be apprentices such poor children as should be …….settled in the Parishes of Moreton, Affpuddle. Briantspuddle or Turnerspuddle” and this remains the responsibility of the current trustees.

Who is eligible?

Any school leaver who lives in the villages (Parish) of Moreton, Affpuddle with Briantspuddle or Turnerspuddle may apply.

We grant awards to young people who are likely to struggle to meet the financial demands of continuing an apprenticeship or education, and who will make maximum use of any additional funding.

How and when to apply

You will need to complete a short application form, available via the facebook page or by email, and return it by the closing date 31 August 2019. The dates for application are 1st July 2019 until 31st.August 2018.

The grant will be paid in October 2019 once confirmation has been received that you have started your course.

You may reapply in following years whether or not your application has been successful.

Further information

Visit the facebook page for The William Frampton Educational Foundation

or email wfeftrust@outlook.com

Young people who live outside these villages may also apply to

The Ashley, Churchill and Thorner Trust (Crossways and Dorchester) www.actet.org.uk


The Williams Trust (Bere Regis) www.williamstrust.org.uk